Chicago 2020 Class Schedule

IT-Ready Technical Support Class Schedule Announced for Chicago Campus

By Lisa Fasold

CompTIA Tech Career Academy is opening its Chicago campus, starting off with online classes on June 22. All CompTIA Tech classes are available online until the public health situation with COVID-19 improves, and then classes will resume in the classroom. Classes in Chicago are offered within the Avondale area at the El Centro Campus of Northeastern Illinois University.

“Tech remains one of the strongest areas of our economy, and unfilled tech jobs are still available in Chicago. But the industry needs skilled workers to fill those jobs. CompTIA Tech offers intense training to help new tech career entrants not only get the training and certification they need to land one of those jobs but to thrive in their new role,” said Charles Eaton, CEO, CompTIA Tech Career Academy.

Burning Glass found that in the past 90 days, more than 2,500 IT help desk jobs have been posted in Chicago. More than 30,000 open tech jobs in total have been posted for the metro area.

The Chicago campus will focus initially on the established IT-Ready Technical Support curriculum, with a combination of practical knowledge, technical expertise, soft skills and career services. After completing their training, students can sit for the CompTIA A+ certification. Although CompTIA Tech cannot guarantee job placement, staff work with graduates to connect them to local employers for open IT jobs. IT-Ready Technical Support prepares students for IT help desk jobs, which can be a springboard for a robust tech career.

CompTIA Tech is committed to providing tuition support through grants for qualifying students – as tech careers should be accessible to anyone with a dream and passion to pursue them. Applications for the summer class are due by May 22.


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