IT Jobs in the Twin Cities Are on the Rise; Are You IT-Ready?

By Sarah Myers

Three decades ago, the term “tech company” usually conjured up images of large, global companies manufacturing computers, televisions, telephones and portable stereos (remember those?). Today, technology innovation is at the core of every company across every industry – from agriculture to education, clothing and textiles, tourism, healthcare and beyond.

In today’s economy, it’s impossible for a company to compete and succeed without technology.

So it comes as no surprise that the U.S. tech sector continues to top the charts for job growth. In fact, according to the recent U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Employment Situation Report, employment in the U.S. technology sector grew by an estimated 15,800 new positions and companies across the U.S. added some 370,000 core IT workers in January. The bulk of tech hiring occurred in the following categories – IT services, custom software development and computer system design and data processing, hosting and related services.

Additionally, future hiring is on the rise. Postings for IT-related jobs increased by 52,090 in January 2020 over December 2019. Cities across the U.S. are experiencing a surge in IT jobs, including Austin, Raleigh, San Jose, Seattle and San Francisco.

The Twin Cities are no exception. Burning Glass finds that in the past 90 days, more than 1,300 help desk jobs have been posted in the Twin Cities region. In total there are more than 10,000 tech jobs open and by 2026, the number of IT jobs in the region will increase by 7 percent. In fact, today more than a quarter of million people are employed in the tech industry in Minnesota, alone.

A robust IT job market shines a bright light on the U.S. economy. It will no doubt contribute to economic growth for our cities and provide sustainable wages and career advancement opportunities for workers. In fact, according to CompTIA’s CyberstatesTM data, tech jobs have a median wage of nearly $82,000 – that’s almost double the median national wage across all occupations.

Yet our industry faces a tough challenge. As employers add more IT jobs, the gap in qualified, skilled candidates continues to grow. Simply put – there aren’t enough qualified IT workers to fill these jobs.

Having the necessary training is key to finding and succeeding in an IT career. The right IT certifications will show potential employers you have the skills needed to succeed. The CompTIA A+ is a widely recognized certification and top of mind when employers are searching for potential IT employees.

Creating IT Futures creates on-ramps for people to prepare for, secure and succeed in IT careers. Its IT-Ready Technical Support Program has trained and prepared thousands of adults for careers in technology since 2012. Now the IT-Ready program is part of Creating IT Futures’ new CompTIA Tech Career Academy which currently operates in the Twin Cities, helping to prepare those individuals looking to launch a career in tech.

The eight-week, classroom-based program recently won a 2019 Tekne Awards in workforce development. It partners with dozens of Minnesotan employers to connect graduates with potential job opportunities.

“Hiring qualified IT professionals is paramount to our success and future growth as a company,” said Becky Ryan, Director, Enterprise Support, HealthPartners. “When we see candidates who have gone through the IT-Ready program and obtained their CompTIA A+ certification, we know they have the right skills for the job.”

Creating IT Futures and CompTIA Tech want to bridge the IT workforce gap to provide individuals with the tools needed to succeed and companies with qualified employees. They believe career opportunities should be available to anyone with a drive to succeed.

“Seeing the IT-Ready Program and CompTIA A+ certification on a candidate’s resume helps to narrow down our search,” said Brad Fisher, Senior Director Customer Technical Support and Client Services, Thomson Reuters. “We know the qualifications needed for success. Our company’s future goals depend on a skilled team of IT professionals and the IT-Ready program prepares candidates to hit the ground running.”

If you’re looking to kickstart a career in the Twin Cities tech market, CompTIA Tech's IT-Ready Technical Support program can put you on a path for success. The spring session begins March 30 in Edina and there is no fee to apply.

Creating IT Futures and CompTIA Tech Career Academy are committed to providing tuition support through grants for qualifying students.  Don’t wait to start your IT career. 


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