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The Custom Workforce Solution

CompTIA Tech Career Academy (CTCA) Custom Training delivers turn-key, accelerated training and certification programs for key workforce populations to build the talent pipeline and transition people into high-wage IT and cybersecurity careers.



Assess opportunity for tech employment, and screen & recruit potential candidates


Align & Design

Align goals to meet your needs & design curriculum in the modality of your choice



Deliver high-quality, accelerated training through professional instructors



Certifications validate mastery of skills & competencies that lead to employment



Deliver high-quality, efficient tech talent into the workplace

High ROI for Workforce Investment

Understanding where to invest workforce dollars can be challenging. Ideally, investments should focus on expanding industries, requiring an influx of new and re-trained talent, paying above-market wages and improving the quality of life for constituents. The speed and scope of innovation are upending the way we work. Labor market demands are shifting and there is a great need for people with IT skills.

  • Entry-level IT jobs do not necessarily require a four-year degree.
  • With quality training and certifications, students can acquire knowledge and skills to become web developers, mobile application developers, data administrators, computer support specialists and network support specialists.
  • IT offers lucrative and critically important careers in today’s digital economy.

Communities capable of providing a steady and reinforced pipeline of tech talent will attract employers and an increased tax base thanks to computer and information technology occupation median annual wages that are more than double the median annual wage for all occupations.


Live Online Training

Live online instructor-led test preparation simulates the traditional classroom learning experience.

  • Students are trained on everything they need to pass CompTIA certification exams.
  • Training is conducted by CTCA instructors who hold the certifications they teach and have several years of real-world IT experience.
  • Industry-standard IT training best practices are followed.
  • Our proprietary platform enables two-way communication, so students can ask questions and participate in discussions.

With our live online instruction learning can take place anywhere with an Internet connection. Additional tech specifications may apply.


Female student studying at home
Student working with his textbooks

Self-Paced Mentored Learning

CTCA Mentored Learning offers the right balance between self-paced and classroom-based courses, while providing a personalized learning experience. It allows learners to learn at their own speed, level and convenience regardless of IT experience, and it ensures that they have access to an experienced, certified CTCA mentor who can guide them through the learning process. 

  • Enrollment dates take place once per month. 
  • Learners are provided a framework and lesson plan with expectations and asked to meet milestones throughout the program to stay on track. 

  • In addition to self-paced learning, individuals can sign up for 1:1 tutor support. 

  • Access to one 90-minute study session per week. 


Get more details in our blog post about mentored learning.

Classroom-Based Training

Let us bring our best-in-class instructors to you. With classroom-based training, we utilize your on-site space. The program is a blend of lectures, group projects and hands-on labs, supported with one-on-one advising by the instructor.

To see how our classroom-based training works for our partners, download our case study from the Mission Economic Development Corporation to see how Mission, TX built up its tech workforce with custom training from CTCA.

Additional Services

Our Custom Training offers optional add-ons to enhance the certification training of your choice:

  • Custom Marketing & Recruitment Support – Customizable marketing products, from pay-per-click (PPC) recruitment campaigns, custom landing pages and promotional collateral design to email outreach, grassroots marketing, video production and social media assistance.
  • Screening Services
    • Workplace Personality Test – Quick assessment exam used for employment pre-qualification. The assessment can help place employees into careers that align with their skills and how quickly they can be trained.
    • Virtual Interviews – A CTCA admissions advisor will “meet” with students to understand why they are interested in applying to a Custom Training-led course, what they’re hoping to get out of the experience, and what their career goals are.
    • Skills Evaluation – A supplemental screening tool to determine a person’s IT acumen and readiness for our more advanced certification curriculums.
  • Job Placement Assistance – Our dedicated team works with local employers to connect individuals to jobs. Upon completion of a program, students may apply for jobs offered by our partners or the multitude of job openings the IT industry has to offer.


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