Ben Rohling
January 9, 2020

How to Prep for and Hopefully Pass the CompTIA A+ Exam

It's the start of a New Year -- a New You. Ben Rohling, manager of academic affairs at CompTIA Tech, has advice on how to get certified and start your IT journey by prepping for and hopefully passing the CompTIA A+ exam.
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Kate Kirschner
December 22, 2019

Make LinkedIn Work for Your IT Career Success

For tech professionals working in today’s IT industry, maintaining an active LinkedIn account is a must. From getting the job to getting promoted, keep your LinkedIn profile up to date.
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IT Job Interview
December 16, 2019

10 Steps to Acing Your Next Job Interview

You trained, you certified, and now you’ve got the job interview. Heed these tips to make sure you're ready.
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Salary Stats of IT Support Specialists
November 20, 2019

Tide for IT Support Specialists Jobs Keeps Rising

Do you know how many jobs posted online are tech jobs in the U.S.? One in 10, according to Burning Glass Technologies Labor Insights which released its third-quarter 2019 data reports on how many jobs are posted online.
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Teela Moua
November 3, 2019

An Aptitude for Technology Waiting to Be Proven

Teela Moua knew he had an aptitude for technology. The problem was, he had nothing to prove it. Just his word.
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Susie Douang
March 1, 2020

Getting a Fresh Career Start

Working as an administrative assistant in Minneapolis, Susie Douang felt like she had hit a professional ceiling. But then she discovered IT-Ready Technical Support and launched a new career in IT with unlimited potential.
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Harold and Sherlana
January 28, 2020

When Life Is Good

IT-Ready Technical Support’s first married-couple alumni, Sherlana and Harold Monestime, reflect on how the program changed their lives, for the better.
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October 1, 2019

Gaining Confidence to Call Herself an IT Pro

With our IT-Ready Technical Support program, Rashmi Bhattarai found her place in the IT infrastructure market and now helps healthcare providers to do their jobs easily and efficiently.
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November 10, 2019

Making Dreams a Reality

Growing up in Liberia, Nyankoi Solo Ngungkpan dreamed of someday living in America and working with technology. IT-Ready Technical Support helped make his dream come true.
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Nicole Sain
October 11, 2019

The Employment Opportunities for Me Are Endless

When Nicole R. Sain was laid off from a job that didn’t excite her, she saw it as a sign that working in the IT field was where she should be. Now, having graduated from IT-Ready Technical Support with CompTIA A+ certification, Nicole says, “the employment opportunities are endless.”
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