Adam Turner


Chief Academic Officer
CompTIA Tech Career Academy
Senior Vice President, Training & Program Operations, CompTIA
Adam leads the business and academic programming of CompTIA Tech Career Academy. He also directs the operations of the CompTIA Training Strategies Group, which provides customized technical and business skill training through dedicated instructors to companies and organizations. Prior to join CompTIA in 2017, Adam founded and was the director of A Critical Path, the 13-year-old training company that CompTIA acquired at the end of 2016. CompTIA had been using trainers from A Critical Path since 2012. Adam is passionate about developing new ways of delivering excellence through training. 
I’m always focused on our students’ needs and how we can improve their training experience, giving them best-of-breed courses. CompTIA Tech Career Academy staff and instructors are focused on making every student successful.
- Adam Turner