Our name and logo are registered trademarks of CompTIA Tech Career Academy (CompTIA Tech). In order to help protect the integrity of our program, CompTIA Tech asks that those who refer to our trademark and use our logo adhere to the following guidelines:

  • The CompTIA Tech logo must be accurately shown in proportion and orientation. Distorting or rotating the logo is not permitted.
  • The CompTIA Tech logo must not be incorporated into any other mark or symbol. It may not be used as a border on or around any item.
  • You may not use the CompTIA Tech logo as part of either your name or your company's name.
  • No CompTIA Tech logo or trademark may be used as a domain name or as a part of a domain name.

For permission and instructions for using the CompTIA Tech Career Academy's name and logo, please contact 630-678-8300, [email protected].