AVA Tech Talk Award

How CompTIA Tech Career Academy Practices Social Innovation

By R.C. Dirkes

The latest award-winning Technologist Tales mini-series from Creating IT Futures’ Technologist Talk podcast features five episodes defining the term “Social Innovation” and describes how the CompTIA Tech Career Academy practices this philanthropic discipline.

This series of five podcasts demonstrates social innovation in action in the words of the innovators who design it, the employers who benefit from it, and the technologists with thriving careers because of it. Dubbed “CompTIA Tech: Social Innovation in Action,” this mini-series won Gold recognition from the 15th Annual AVA Digital Awards in two categories: Social Innovation (non-profits) and Podcast Production.

AVA Digital recognizes outstanding achievement by creative professionals involved in the concept, direction, design and production of media that is part of the evolution of digital communication. This recognition program is sponsored and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP).

As described by Technologist Tales host Celine Dirkes, CompTIA Tech Career Academy is an exercise in social innovation, “which makes [CompTIA Tech Career Academy] an active, direct, hands-on way to generate measurable social impact” and that “means [CompTIA Tech Career Academy] is creating a difference, not just spending to support a cause.”

As evidence, Dirkes offers the IT-Ready Technical Support program, a course of tech training that “can track the number of women, veterans and people of color who graduate and go forward to land good-paying, family-sustaining technology jobs.”

Here are the five episodes in the mini-series – from an interview with Creating IT Futures CEO Charles Eaton discussing the CompTIA Tech Career Academy launch to a recent chapter featuring the “Technologist Triumphs” of three IT-Ready graduates:


Episode 25 – Talking Workforce:
How CompTIA Tech Addresses Tomorrow’s Tech Talent Shortage, Today

The National Science Foundation predicts that, in just two years, there will be more than three million unfilled skilled technical jobs. How do we start shrinking this looming shortage of technical talent? Listen as award-winning author and social innovator Charles Eaton explains how the new CompTIA Tech Career Academy will grow tomorrow’s tech workforce by helping more and more adults land IT jobs today.


Chapter 35Tales Told:
5 Reasons to Launch a Tech Career Today from an IT-Ready Technical Support Class

Per CompTIA’s Cyberstates research, the IT industry continues to hire despite pandemic conditions, with one of every 10 positions posted online being a tech job. But why even consider launching a technology career during this time of crisis? Listen as graduates of a recent IT-Ready Technical Support class from CompTIA Tech Career Academy and their instructor offer five reasons.


Episode 36 – Talking Tech Careers:
How IT Help Desk Technicians Narrow the Distance Between Colleagues in Pandemic Times

How can IT Help Desk technicians narrow the distance between colleagues created by pandemic precautions? By understanding that IT support is about humans, not hardware. Listen as Priyanka Neupane, a senior IT supervisor for medical technology maker Medtronic, describes how she recruits, hires and trains specialists for the company’s U.S. IT support center from CompTIA Tech’s IT-Ready program.


Episode 40 – Talking Tech Careers:
Why Military Veterans Make Excellent Candidates for IT Help Desk Jobs

Why are military veterans excellent candidates for jobs as IT support specialists? Is it the technical training they receive during service? Is it the work ethic they acquire during service? Or is it both? Listen as Stephen Padilla, an instructor for CompTIA Tech Career Academy’s IT-Ready Technical Support program – and a U.S. Air Force veteran – shares answers to those questions, because he’s lived them.


Chapter 45Technologist Triumphs: 3 CompTIA Tech Graduates Share Career Success Tales

Listen as three graduates of the IT-Ready Technical Support program from CompTIA Tech Career Academy share stories about launching successful tech careers with help desk training. In each tale, jobs working with technology have provided continuing professional growth opportunities and sustainable personal financial stability – despite the pandemic’s economic challenges.

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