Committed to Student Success

By Lisa Fasold

From Admissions to Training & Certification to Career Services, our staff is here for our students every step of the way. We’re committed to student success. 

With so much of our learning online, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s nice to have a face to put with that commitment pledge. In our new video series, you can meet some of our staff and hear their career tips for both prospective and current students.

For instance, get to know Lauren Pierce, head of our Admissions, and what she advises prospective students on how they can launch their tech careers. Meet Stacy Litwin, one of our advisors, who supports students throughout their training to help them power through the program.

Since our Academy not only is focused on training adults for tech careers, but also helping them connect to employers when they graduate, the video series introduces Natasha Pender, our Southeast Career Services Manager, who works with our students from Maryland down to Florida and across to Tennessee to help them land their first tech jobs. The series also spotlights Anderson Lee, our Northeast and Illinois Career Services Senior Manager, who helps employers connect with our students and helps our students get prepared for tech job interviews. 

The series also gives a glimpse into what makes our staff tick. For instance, everyone has had to make the adjustment to quarantine living this past year. Hear from our staff on what they've been doing beyond preparing students for tech careers during the pandemic.

Lastly, with classes and interviews online, presenting your best self via Zoom is important when launching your tech career. We interview our prospective students via Zoom, online classes are held via Zoom, and employers interview our students for open tech jobs via Zoom. Pick up Zoom tips from our staff in this video series to make you look your best.

Beyond this video series, check out our YouTube channel to learn how CompTIA Tech Career Academy can launch your tech career, what the Admissions and Financial Assistance processes are like, what are some alternative pathways to tech careers, and even test drive an IT career with stories from IT pros themselves.


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