Kendra Plant
January 18, 2021

Artists, Pay Attention: Technology is for You, Too

While CompTIA Tech Grad Kendra Plant loved working in theater, she needed more financial stability and a better work-life balance. She found her career solution in IT.
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Service industry workers are tech savvy
January 11, 2021

Service Industry Workers Are Tech Savvy

Workers in retail, hospitality and service industries find transitioning into IT easier than you’d think. Why? Such workers are more familiar with technology than you’d think.
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Alumni on Technologist Talk Podcast
January 4, 2021

Gaining Financial Security & Career Passion with a Tech Job

Three IT-Ready graduates tell how their tech careers have provided continuing professional growth opportunities and sustainable personal financial stability – despite the pandemic’s economic challenges.
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IT Industry Still Hiring in the Pandemic
December 1, 2020

IT Industry Still Hiring in the Pandemic

While not completely immune to the pandemic recession, the tech industry is faring better than most, and jobs are available to workers with the right training and skills.
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Stephen Padilla CompTIA Tech Instructor and US Air Force Vet
November 23, 2020

Why Military Veterans Make Excellent Candidates for IT Help Desk Jobs

U.S. Air Force veteran and CompTIA Tech instructor Stephen Padilla explains why the skills and work ethic developed during their military careers make veterans excellent candidates for jobs as IT support technicians.
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CompTIA Tech Alum Christina Maxwell
November 16, 2020

Career Switch: Caretaker to IT Pro

In two years since becoming an IT-Ready alum, Christina Maxwell has nearly doubled her salary, bought her own car, and found a new sense of self-confidence – all while becoming a go-to tech pro. The program changed her life “monumentally”.
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Finding new careers during the pandemic
November 9, 2020

Finding New Career Paths during the Pandemic

While some service industries — like grocery stores — are thriving during the pandemic, most are hurting. And folks who work in those industries are feeling the pain. But tech offers a new career path for them.
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WWP Member Sarai Ekblad
October 19, 2020

Skills Honed While in Military Service Open Door to New IT Career

While serving in the Army, Sarai Ekblad demonstrated resourcefulness and leadership — skills that carried over into a post-military career in information technology.
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Students working in class
October 13, 2020

From Server to Server: Career Switching from Service Industries to Tech

Waiters, cashiers, gig delivery drivers and others in hospitality, retail and service industries can transition into high-paying tech jobs more quickly and easily than you’d think.
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Adam & Ben on Technologist Talk Podcast
October 5, 2020

Tech Jobs Bring Stability to Career Changers

Are the unstable times of the pandemic motivating you to change careers? Consider tech training for a new job on the IT help desk in 2021.
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