Getting a Fresh Start

Working as an administrative assistant in Minneapolis, Susie Douang felt like she had hit a professional ceiling. But then she discovered our training and launched a new career in IT with unlimited potential.

“The CTCA staff believed in me. Employers before had told me ‘no’, but here everyone says ‘yes’, you can do this,” said Susie.

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Susie Douang

Navy Vet Launches Civilian Tech Career

When Brittian McIntosh exited the Navy with an honorable discharge, management experience, communications expertise, top-secret clearance and stellar performance reviews, he expected his transition to a civilian job would be smooth. It wasn’t, until he entered our IT-Ready Technical Support program.  

“The most important thing IT-Ready Technical Support did for me was help me believe in me again. The folks there chose me from a pool of applicants and had nothing but kind and encouraging words to say to me. It helped me build me back up again,” said Brittian.

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Launching his Second Career

Keith Bryant’s passion for hands-on electronics work has burned his entire life. Training through IT-Ready Technical Support equipped him with knowledge and skills to turn that passion into a paycheck.

“The curriculum was exactly what I needed — there had been changes and I needed that information, and I needed to get back into the habit of studying,” said Keith. 

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Keith B
Jason Hernandez

Musician Applies his Talents to IT 

Music has always been a passion for Jason Hernandez – but it can be a hard way to make a living. IT-Ready Technical Support gave him skills to launch a successful career in technology. 

“I had considerable personal experience working with computers, but not enough to convince an employer to give me an entry-level position. I thought the program would be a good fit because I needed to make a big change in my life and the leaders at IT-Ready were sincere and capable. I felt comfortable that they had my best interests in mind and had the skills and knowledge to get me started in IT,” said Jason.

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Career Launches with Apprenticeship

When Nicole R. Sain was laid off from a job that didn’t excite her, she saw it as a sign that working in the information technology field was where she should be. Now, having graduated from our IT-Ready Technical Support program, Nicole says, “the employment opportunities are endless.”  

“Most programs that I saw touting CompTIA A+ certification only offered three to five days of full-time instruction — you then were left on your own to self-study and hopefully pass the exam. For me, that would have been overwhelming. I wanted as much classroom time as possible to help me understand the language and properly soak in the learning material with instructor-led support. The IT-Ready Technical Support program gave me the foundational knowledge I needed to successfully test for CompTIA A+ certification,” said Nicole. 

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Nicole Sain

Making Dreams a Reality  

Growing up in Liberia, Nyankoi Solo Ngungkpan dreamed of someday living in America and working with technology. The IT-Ready Technical Support program helped make his dream come true.

“The hands-on and troubleshooting training was immense. But it’s the soft skills training that makes the IT-Ready program second to none. The skills I learned during the eight weeks of IT-Ready would have cost me a lot of money if I had gone elsewhere,” said Solo. 

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