If you are seeking an accommodation, please follow the steps noted here to submit your request.

Any prospective student who has a special needs or accommodation request must submit the request to the Office of Admissions.


Requests must be submitted by completing the Accommodation Request form and uploading it, along with
supporting documentation, to our secure portal for review.


1. Access to the fillable Accommodation Request form can be found here:

Seeking Learning Accommodations and Authorization Form


2. Please upload the Accommodation Request form and supporting documentation to the secure portal:

Upload to Secure Portal


3. After clicking the link, you will be asked to enter your Name, Email address, a Subject and an optional message. Please make sure to include your name and label your documents in the Subject line.


4. Files can be uploaded by selecting and adding them from a file folder on your computer or by dragging and dropping the file from an open folder.


5. Once files have been uploaded, click 'Send Files.'


6. The Admissions Office will be notified once a document is uploaded and will contact the individual via email to confirm receipt of the documentation.


Questions regarding accommodation requests should be sent to [email protected]