The CompTIA Tech Career Academy Difference

Exam prep is great. Career prep is better. We have a track record of helping students prepare for successful tech careers.

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5 Reasons to Choose CompTIA Tech Career Academy


Our Motivation

As a non-profit, our bottom line isn’t money; it’s making you ready for the tech workforce. We only succeed if you succeed.


Been There,

Done That

CompTIA is a leader in IT certifications, as stated by other trainers such as Global Knowledge, and millions have earned our certifications to advance their careers.


All the Skills

If you start an IT job with nothing but technical know-how, you’re more likely to fail, as noted by industry publications such as Tech Republic. So we also teach the other “soft skills” critical for success.


Right Teacher,

Right Pace

Our instructors have both industry experience and certified teaching skills. Our program moves at a pace designed for beginners.


Serious Career Support

Career guidance, resume building, interview prep, and connections to potential employers will help you transition from the classroom to the job.

Compare Us to Other Training Options

There is more than one way to prepare for a career in tech, but we think you’ll agree that CompTIA Tech Career Academy is a better choice for motivated beginners. Take a look at how we compare to other options for training:

Compared to...


College Degrees

CTCA is...

  • More affordable
  • More focused
  • Faster to complete
  • Better “soft skills” training

College can be the right path into tech jobs for some students. But that path usually requires a two-to-four-year commitment, general education courses, and tuition costs that can be out of reach. What’s more, you may complete your degree and still not have all the skills needed for success in your first tech role. CompTIA Tech Career Academy will prepare you for your first job in less time and at a lower cost.



CTCA is...

  • Better for beginners
  • Deeper instruction
  • Better “soft skills” training
  • More career supports

We love bootcamps! Tens of thousands have achieved CompTIA certifications with help from short-term exam prep. But they aren’t right for everyone. They move fast and usually focus exclusively on technical content. If you are starting from scratch without prior tech experience and want well-rounded training that includes soft skills and career services, CompTIA Tech Career Academy will be a better value for you.


Video on Demand

CTCA is...

  • Responsive, real-time instruction
  • More interaction with peers
  • Better “soft skills” training
  • More career supports

Yes, you can find inexpensive video courses out there. If the lowest training cost is your only consideration, that may be a good choice. But if you’re serious about landing and succeeding in a tech job, you will want benefits that video-only training can’t provide, like a professional instructor who can answer your questions in real time, the ability to collaborate with classmates, and of course, career support.

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Our Alumni Say It Best

“The CompTIA Tech Career Academy staff believed in me. Employers before had told me ‘no’, but here everyone says ‘yes’, you can do this.”
- Susie Douang


What Our Classes Are Like

CompTIA Tech Career Academy students are introduced to technical content by a professional instructor, collaborate with other students, get recommended additional educational activities, and receive training and practice in soft skills needed for success.

Students also prepare for, and take, relevant certification exams, which are an important way for future employers to verify that you have the knowledge and skills needed.

Along the way, you will work with a career advisor to build your resume, practice your interview skills, and connect with potential employers.


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