5 tips for getting the most out of your training

Top 5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your IT-Ready Technical Support Program

By Michelle Lange

You can absorb a rough equivalent of one year of on the job technology experience through IT-Ready Technical Support, a program of CompTIA Tech Career Academy. It’s also a chance to earn a CompTIA A+ certification and connect with employers to get that first job in technology.  

“By completing a training program like ours, and getting that CompTIA A+ certification, it shows you have the competency that someone would get with one year on the job as a rough equivalent,” said Sue Wallace, who helps people find inroads to technology through the CompTIA Tech Career Academy.

If you’re ready to switch careers and have a passion for IT, apply for CompTIA Tech Career Academy and use this advice from some people who graduated the program, earned their CompTIA A+ certification and found careers in technology without any previous experience in the industry. Here are the Top 5 tips for getting the most out of your IT-Ready Technical Support program.


1. Take It Day by Day

For many people, the training can be an overwhelming amount of information. Alexandrea Alvarado was comfortable with tech and still felt overwhelmed by all the new information. “It’s so much, there are so many new things to learn, so many different types of tables and stuff. There was a lot thrown at us at once,” she said.

Alvarado felt like she had a slight advantage because she grew up playing on computers, but even she felt like it was a lot of information at one time, even though she was already really familiar with computers.


2. Exercise Patience

It takes time to learn so you need to be patient with your classmates, your teammates and yourself. “I’ve accepted I don’t know everything and I’m learning some things and that’s a starting point,” said Alvarado.


3. Show Some Grit

When Erin Waterman was thinking about applying to CompTIA Tech, she clenched up when she learned about the online assessment.

“I went anyway to see what would happen and it was cool to get accepted. I continuously remembered that struggle with math and thought it would translate into IT, but I was able to persevere,” said Waterman.

During the program, Waterman learned how to dig in and show grit even when she felt overwhelmed by the flood of new information. “I learned the ability to push through mental obstacles,” she said. “That’s something I felt and I know other students felt it as well.”


4. Don’t Overthink It

Through the CompTIA Tech Career Academy, Jennifer Burks took away one important lesson: Don’t overthink things.

“The first time I took the CompTIA A+ test I failed, but it was because I was completely overthinking every question,” she said. When she retook the test, she equivocally went from an F to a B, she said, relying on the advice of her IT teacher: Relax, read the question out and let the answer come naturally. “The second time, I did so much better.”

"When we were talking about testing, he would always say, ‘Read the questions and don’t overthink it. The answer will come naturally.’ That’s something that’s probably something I’m going to take with me throughout my life,” Burks said. 


5. If You Want Something, Go For It 

Going through the CompTIA Tech Career Academy was challenging and satisfying for all three women, and Burks said the weeks flew by as she was totally focused on learning about computers, networking and security.

CompTIA Tech Career Academy takes commitment, Burks said. “All you have to do is show up and do your work,” Burks said. “People do give up a lot or make excuses, but it’ll never work that way. If you’re dedicated to it, then you’ll come out all right.”

Burks said CompTIA Tech Career Academy helped her move toward a career she actually likes, and that doing what you love is an important part of life. “If you really want something, go for it,” Burks said. “You can’t stop or make excuses. It’s going to make your life better. You just have to do the work. You can do it.”

Apply for CompTIA Tech Career Academy today, and link below to the graduate success stories for Alexandrea, Erin and Jennifer.


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