Why Choose CompTIA Tech

Launching a Career in Tech? Give Yourself an Edge

By Adam Turner

In today's economic downturn, people are thinking about switching careers to an industry that's more stable. While many industries have seen a decline in jobs, tech is still hiring.

Careers in IT provide sustainable wages and advancement opportunities. In fact, according to CompTIA’s CyberstatesTM data, tech jobs have a median wage of more than $84,000 – that’s almost double the median national wage across all occupations.

But, while there are thousands of IT jobs available, employers are struggling to find qualified, trained workers. For many, beginning a career in IT can be daunting. Obtaining the education, training and certifications seems like an uphill battle and many don’t know where to start.

At CompTIA Tech, we believe tech careers should be accessible to anyone with a dream and passion to pursue them. Our academy provides people with an opportunity to kick start a career in technology, and we even have financial grants to help people get the training they need.

Our curriculum combines practical knowledge, technical expertise, soft skills development, CompTIA A+ certification and career services.

We’re passionate about what we do. We believe that we provide students with the tools needed to launch, and succeed in, an IT career. Here’s why:


Our Motivation

We’re a non-profit, so our top priority is to prepare you for the tech workforce – not on our bottom line.


Our Track Record

CompTIA is a global leader in IT certifications. Millions of workers have earned CompTIA certifications to advance their careers.


Gaining the Right Skills

Workers with only technical know-how are more likely to fail. CompTIA Tech focuses on soft skills development and career services, connecting you with employers looking for skilled IT professionals.


Right Teachers, Right Pace

CompTIA Tech instructors are industry experts with certified teaching skills. The pace of the course is designed for beginners.


Career Support

Our goal is to expand the IT workforce pipeline. With CompTIA Tech, students receive career guidance, resume building tips, interview prep and connections to employers looking for trained, qualified professionals.


So, Why CompTIA Tech?

We know there are other training options on the market and choosing your next step can be a challenge. Here’s a snapshot of how CompTIA Tech compares to other training:

  • College Degrees: College can be a good option for some students interested in tech jobs. But the two-to-four-year commitment and tuition costs can be a barrier for many. And often, even with a degree, you still might not have the training and certifications necessary. CompTIA Tech prepares students in less time and at a lower cost.
  • Bootcamps: Bootcamps are great resources and have helped tens of thousands gain CompTIA certifications. But they move fast and focus almost exclusively on technical skills. If you’re launching a career in IT without a tech background, CompTIA Tech provides more well-rounded training – including soft skills and career services – at a better value.
  • Video on Demand: If low-cost training is your main focus, on-demand trainings are a good option. But they don’t have responsive, real-time instructors to answer your questions, the ability to collaborate with classmates or career support.

With CompTIA Tech, our mission is clear – we want to provide a career pathway for anyone with a drive to succeed in technology. Because when it comes to pursuing a career in tech, everyone should have an opportunity to thrive. Applications for upcoming classes are open now. Apply today.


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