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From Server to Server: Career Switching from Service Industries to Tech

By Karen Stinneford

In this monthly series of blog posts, learn why service-industry workers can make ideal candidates for entry-level positions in information technology.

Specifically, we are speaking about folks with job titles that include: barista, bellman, buyer, cashier, chef, clerk, cook, driver, front desk assistant, hostess, housekeeper, maintenance worker, manager, parking lot attendant, receptionist, reservations agent, sales associate, security guard, server, special events coordinator, stocker, waiter, warehouse worker and valet.

Literally anyone who works with the general public.

At CompTIA Tech, we especially like recruiting service-industry workers because they are familiar with technology already — having used it every day — and they have well-developed emotional IQs from interacting with customers and clients.

We know tech can be taught; we teach it every day. But reading people accurately and interacting with them successfully is a harder skill to teach, learn or deploy. Thus, service-industry workers — who tend to have well-honed people skills — make excellent candidates for technology careers.  

In our Server to Server blog post series, we will cover:

1) The states of both the service and technology industries now that we’re in a pandemic recession. 

2) Questions service workers commonly ask about transitioning into what seems like a completely different field — but really isn’t. These questions often include:

  • Will I be able to functionally work with technology?
  • Do any of my service-industry skills transfer over to IT?
  • What kind of investment is needed in terms of time and money?  
  • Would I even enjoy working in the tech industry?
  • What’s the payoff in terms of salary, job satisfaction and quality of life?

3) How to take the first step toward a career offering a better salary, hours, benefits and work-life balance.

We’re excited about our Server to Server blog post series, especially as it comes during a time when so many service-industry workers are wondering what to do next if our economy doesn’t recover soon. 

And throughout publication of the blog post series, we want to hear from you. If you have a question or concern, you can email us at [email protected].  

In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about switching careers, check out CompTIA's microsite on careers in IT. If you want to learn more about CompTIA Tech Careers Academy and how our program differs from others available, click here


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