Advancing Professionally with IT-Ready Technical Support

By Karen Stinneford

IT-Ready Technical Support grad Albert Lee has worked in the tech industry for less than three years and already he’s been promoted two times. 

Information technology is proving to be a great fit for him professionally. 

“IT-Ready allowed me to learn the fundamentals of being an IT professional, and it paved a foundation for me to succeed in whatever position I have,” he said. 

Albert currently works as a restaurant systems specialist at Buffalo Wild Wings’ corporate headquarters in Minneapolis. In his role, he ensures that all new restaurant openings or changes in ownership are properly configured and functional prior to their opening dates. He also manages relationships with third-party tech vendors affiliated with Buffalo Wild Wings to ensure smooth installations prior to restaurants opening. 

He graduated from the IT-Ready Technical Support program in Edina, MN, in the summer of 2015. 


Discouraged in another field, Albert finds forward movement in IT 

Albert applied to IT-Ready Technical Support after spending several years as a paraprofessional in public education, working toward becoming a teacher. Although teaching is a noble cause, he said, he found the work environment discouraging. 

“Working for three years in the field of education, I realized there was little room to grow and I couldn’t reach my goals doing what I was doing,” he said. “My desire to buy a house and car, provide for my mother, get married, and be more financially stable prompted me to change course.” 

Participating in IT-Ready Technical Support during the traditional summer break in education, Albert said he enjoyed learning more about not only technology, but also the soft skills that help any professional succeed, no matter their industry. 

“I learned the basic fundamentals required to be successful in a career, whether it be in IT or anything else,” he said.  


Thriving in a new role as a technologist 

After starting as a computer support specialist/tier 2 support on the Buffalo Wild Wings’ help desk in November 2015, Albert was promoted to IT service desk support specialist/tier 3 support just one year later — and to his current role a year after that. 

Growth opportunities at the company are available for people who want them, he said, and he is well on his way to meeting his financial and personal goals. 

“IT-Ready provided me with the confidence I needed to move into the IT field and thrive in it,” he said.


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