Joelle Szyszka


Manager, Faculty Affairs
CompTIA Tech Career Academy

Joelle Szyszka oversees our IT Career Instructors, who are vital to the success of our students, including the hiring, training, and day-to-day management of the faculty for all our classes.  She has 15 years of relevant experience providing various orientations and training for part-time staff. She majored in Interdepartmental Communications, providing a strong foundation for interacting and training others. Previously, she worked as the manager of talent development, responsible for recruiting, training and hiring part-time staff. She utilized a curriculum of more than 300 pieces to guide the part-time staff in their journeys as associates.

CompTIA Tech Career Academy has positioned itself through the IT-Ready Technical Support program to enable students from all walks of life an entryway into IT careers. I am honored to work with the faculty to help guide the students along their journey.
- Joelle Szyszka